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Real Estate Management is a matter of trust!

We will advise you into formulating a strategy which will help maximize the long run return from your investments. We will transform this strategy into actions in a highly engaged and responsible manner. You determine the degree of control, interaction and information required.

For many years we have managed objects in Berlin, Leipzig and Magdeburg for our clients – who reside all over the world. Many of them cannot or do not want to visit their investments on a frequent basis. They trust meterhoch2! to manage their real estate efficiently and professionally at all times.

With good reason – we care for any estate, large or small, as de-facto owners, not just as service providers!


Our Services 1

Management of residential and commercial buildings

In addition to the current return of the property we alway focus on the long term value maximisation of your building. With you we develop short-, mid- and long-term investment strategies to continiously increase the value of your property. Either  for a possible future sale or to pass it  on to the next family generation.

Besides the basic technical and commercial tasks we also offer the complete area of re-tenanting) in case a rental or lease contract ends. We offer very good conditions without mandating external agents.

We work with a selected pool of very reliable craftman, who deliver very good performance at reasonable costs. Naturally we also challenge them regularely with new competition.

We would gladly utlize companies for the maintenance of your building with whom you have had good experiences in the past.

Monthly and anual reports will be delivered to you in English and German. Specific demands regarding structure and content can be accomodated whenever possible – we will also gladly coordinate with your tax agent.

Our Services 2

Condominium owner associations

We are also experienced in working with Co-op boards , balancing the desires of the individual owners with the demands of a jointly owned building

Our staff stands out with a very profund knowledge of the legal framework which is the basis for owners associations in Germany (WEG-Law). Annual owners meetings and resolution proposals are prepared  thoroughly.

Monthly, quartery and anual accountings as well as anual budget plans –in English and German –  are clearely laid out and comprehensible. If you are interested we are happy to send you an example of such reports.

The period of our contracts is flexible.  For a start we normally suggest a short period of one year – so you can get a good picture of our performance without beeing bound by a long obligation.

Our Services 3

Special Property

We also carry out all tasks regarding your rented appartment in owners associations. We are the general contact person for your tenant for any problems that might occure. We provide the anual utility and heat cost billings, monitor rent payments and prepare legal actions to collect unpaid rents if necessary. If a tenant moves out we organize the complete procedure and assist also in finding a new tenant and preparing a new contract for you.

Our Services 4


Especially our foreign clients, we provide consultancy for the development of the properties in Berlin, Leipzig and Magdeburg. We develop suggestions for the acquisition and sale of properties. If you decide to convert your residential building into  appartments to establish an owners association. We support you with our reliable network of architects and notaries.

We also plan larger building measures for you, e.g. the development of penthouses , addition of elevators etc.

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We care about you!

Our office has just the right size to offer individual services combined with highly qualified expertise.  You will have direct contact to the  person in charge of your property, so you will have access to  updated informations regarding your property at all times.

Besides regular office hours you can reach your personal contact person on their direct telephone line. Additionally owners can also aproach our managing directors  via their mobile phones. The management of your properties is only handled by qualified personell with long-term experiance in the real-estate business.

In 2012 we received a quality award from the chamber of commerce Frankfurt (Oder) „Quality and good service from the metropolitan region“



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Our clients reside in Berlin, other parts of Germany, England, Ireland, Swizzerland, Italy and Singapore.

For references about our work you certainly may apply to these clients. We will be more than happy to establish contact for you to owners of residential and commercial buildings, appartment owners or building advisory boards. They can explain best why they have trusted us for many years.


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